Good to go auto insurance policy

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Good to go auto insurance for most people seems confusing with a myriad of terms and ratios unfamiliar to most. Let’s go over some simple elements that make up a good car insurance policy, so you can get the best plan that fully protects you and fits your budget.

Let’s begin with the obvious, if you drive you need insurance because it’s the law. Surprisingly, many people don’t even know that automobile insurance is mandatory, and millions of drivers also know it’s the law, but drive illegally nonetheless. It might scare you, but the odds are that in your lifetime you will be involved in one serious automobile accident. So if you know it all likelihood it’s coming at some point, shouldn’t you prepare yourself with the best coverage that protects you and your family?

Let’s delve into the fundamental basics of a good to go auto insurance policy

1. Collision: If you get into a car accident, collision coverage will cover your vehicles repairs or cost of replacement, regardless if you were deemed at fault. Collision protection is a term most people are familiar with. The confusion and often exploitation by greedy insurance agents comes in when consumers are unaware of the amount of collision coverage to buy.

If you lease or are making car payments, the leaseholder or finance company will often require you to get substantial collision insurance. This is because they simply want to protect the investment they have and mitigate their risk in the event of an accident. If you own your car, and it is not worth much and you don’t drive it often, you might consider getting rid of collision coverage altogether.

Coverage tip > Get a $500 – $1,000 deductible, and you will be fine
2. PIP or Personal Injury Protection: This coverage pays for any medical and related costs that resulted from a car accident you were involved in but is limited to those only named in the insurance policy. PIP is important to get because with today’s escalating medical costs, in the event you were in an accident causing major injuries, could save you a small fortune. If you can afford it, get PIP protection of at least $100,000.

3. Comprehensive: If you have the money and want peace of mind from almost any calamity that could happen to you or your vehicle, then you should add comprehensive coverage to your policy. This type of coverage will insure you from “acts of God” such as hail damage, a deer hitting your car, a tree falling on your car, or a vandal that cuts your tires. If you drive a lot and especially in a densely populated area such as Los Angeles, it’s wise to get comprehensive added. Many companies offer excellent online rates for this type insurance.

Coverage tip > Get a $500 – $1,000 deductible
4. Uninsured: People by the millions play a sort of “driving dangerous” game every day because they have no insurance and put everyone else at risk. In fact, the current national average is about 1 in 6 drivers that are driving uninsured. In some states such as Florida, that number is as high as 1 in 5 drivers according to the Florida Department of Insurance. The best way to protect yourself from the unfortunate event you are in an accident and the other driver has no coverage, is to get uninsured coverage added on. This will allow you to receive compensation based on your injuries and automobile damage in the event you are involved in a vehicle accident, and the other driver carries no insurance.

Good to go Auto Insurance rate factors

There are so many factors that make up an insurance policies price. Let’s check out some factors most people never consider
1. The area you live in One of the top ways insurance companies price coverage is by zip code. Some zip codes have a proportionately higher amount of accidents. For example, in Las Vegas alcohol can be purchased 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So mix the availability of alcohol with people partying non-stop, you have, of course, many drivers who are behind the wheel intoxicated. Some studies in Las Vegas show that on weekend nights, as many as 40% of drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Insurance companies charge more for high-risk areas like Las Vegas, and sadly good drivers are often unfairly penalized for those bad, unlawful drivers.

2. How much you drive: Do you have a 2 mile commute to work or are you using your car to deliver pizza 50 miles per night?
The rule is, the more you drive, the higher your insurance premiums will be. Many people lie about the actual miles they drive with the hopes of securing a lower insurance rate, but the companies know this and some firms monitor the odometer of the insured vehicle. In recent years, insurance companies have begun installing high-tech devices that measure cars distance, speed, and braking. While it may seem like a big brother invasion, you could receive a discount as much as 40% for allowing this device on your vehicle.

3. Your age: Yes, there are just some things in our society that are still outright discriminatory and auto insurance is one of those
Teen drivers pay as much as three times what a 45-year-old married man might pay for the same exact vehicle and coverage. Thanks to today’s teens that are texting and talking on their smartphones, accidents for this young age group is at an all time high. Sadly, the leading cause of teen death is vehicular accidents. Insurance companies are forced to charge more for teenage drivers to offset the high rate of claims involving teen drivers. The best advice for teenagers is to take a driver safety class and get a simple, boring car like a Honda Accord to get the cheapest coverage. If you are a teenage boy with your eye set on a new sports car, you better have some serious money set aside each month for a good to go auto insurance.

Shop online for the cheapest rates

Today, the internet has changed our lives in so many ways and saves all of us so much time and money. Shopping for auto insurance online is convenient, fast and free. The best part is most good to go auto insurance companies offer online discounts. I recommend you get at least five online quotes to compare the best rates for a good to go auto insurance policy.